Where the donation is going after the 9/11/2017 Memorial Golf Tournament

Where your donation is going after the 9/11/2017 Memorial Golf Tournament.


All donations derived from the 9/11 Golf Tournament goes into our master business account. Then under our by-laws we re-distribute the necessary funds from the master account to the sanctioned program line item budget to meet the obligation made by our Board of Directors.

Our program attached to this event is the Straz Performance of the Arts, Tampa, Florida, Broadway Series. (2017 - 2018)

There are two events. One for the adults and one for the Children of the American First Responders their families who have special needs, critically ill children and/or child of the fallen hero. There are 1,600 hundred children who are left behind per year when a Public Servants succumbs to their injuries when defending our Communities and/or Country. There were 925 American Heroes who lost their lives last year in the name of Freedom2017 - 2018 this figure will increase by (10) ten percent.

We are introducing a lottery system where wounded veterans from all government branches, Fire, Police, U.S. Military, First Responders and/or wounded support personnel can enter their names into the drawing for Sunday's Broadway performance. All they have to do is click on the link below, fill out the information section and email it into our office. Once we receive your information request a ticket will be issued under your name. Then two weeks prior to the Broadway Perfomance or as soon as possible eight (8) names will be drawn.

The same is true for the Saturday Matinee' performances! The difference on the Saturday Broadway performances a parent or legal guardian will need to attended the Broadway show with the child.

During my firefighting career I was also a certified building fire inspector. I worked closely with the Straz Director of sale who worked closely with the Tampa Fire Department Fire Inspectors division and approved the special seating arrangements and chair placement for the handicap children in wheelchairs. (Thank you everyone who made this possible)

These brave men and women including parents of the children when chosen will attend a Broadway show free of charge, including their parking ticket and food.

We will gather together as a group prior to the performance where food and drinks are offered, then at intermission a continuation of the food and drinks are still available. Our event director or coordinator will be there to assist you in anyway. You may address and/or ask any questions. If you have any concerns during the event please let our event director or coordinator meet those concerns with the Straz Center Management staff for immediate response.

After the Broadway Show is concluded additional food and drinks are available. Then when the majority of the guest has left and time permitted we will be escorted as a group to see the stars and behind the scenes. Once the behind the scene tours are completed we will be escorted to your cars in the parking lot. 

We are looking for chaperones. If you are interested to be a chaperone you may fill out an application from our website.

Link# - American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation request Broadway performance. Check and fill out the appropriate sections. All information is strictly confidential and secured.

Your email application for the Broadway Performance goes directly to our eventdirector@aecdf.org

The certifying cost of this program is; ($18,000 - $25,000 per Broadway Series) - 12 Broadway shows (One a month) - Saturday matinée and Sunday Performances  parking ticket in a secure area, food and drinks before, during and after the performance then behind the scene tour time permitted and approved by the director of each show.

Total - 8 men and/or women on Sunday Performance plus our event director or event coordinator

Total - 8 children plus 8 chaperones on the Saturday Matinee' Performances = 16 Per Performances plus our event director or event coordinator

Food for 24 different performances - All food is prepared by the Straz Chef's and catered in a secured area.

TBD - The group will be chaperoned behind the scenes with a tour after the performance is completed to meet the stars. Time permitted and approved by the director of each show.

Playbill advertisement for the series

We are paying for a total of 288 public servants and children including their parent and/or legal guardian to attend the event, plus food, parking tickets and playbill advertisement.

We are paying for our 24 event director and/or event coordinator who will chaperoning each group, including their parking ticket, payroll and food. A total of 312 American Heroes and or children for the year.

Thank you for donations and Angels among us...

Thank you,

Marc E. Klein



Straz series of 2017 - 2018 Broadway production - http://www.strazcenter.org/Tickets-Events/Season-Tickets/1718-Broadway

We signed for the 12 Broadway Package