Where the 9/11 funding is going - Supporting the Straz Performance Art Center

 Straz Performance Art Center, Tampa, Florida


We would like to thank the angels among us and the children who have been sending in their change in making this a reality. To the golfers who are supporting this cause, we thank you as well. Let us not forget the sponsors and volunteers who is making this fund raiser a reality.

Portion of the proceeds from our 9/11 Memorial Golf Tournament will go towards funding tickets at the Straz Perfomance Center, Tampa, Florida for the Performing Arts, allowing our injured veterans and children of the fallen heroes to enjoy the art of live theater.

We need your help in donations, volunteering on and before September 11, 2017. We need chaperones throughout the year to get the word out to your friends, businesses, organizations and associations you belong to.  Email; 911eventdirector@aecdf.org and ask for flyers to hand out and posters.

Our mailer and advertisement was just released on July 01, 2017. Thank you for making this dream a reality, we need make a minimum of $20,000.00, this is for the American Heroes and Children of Fallen Heroes, handicapped and special needs children of our public servants.

Each recipient will receive entrance into the Straz Performance Art Center, a free parking place during the event at the Straz Center, catered food for our veterans, children and their chaperones before, during intermission and after the event. There is a behind the scene tour time permitted to meet and greet the stars. (Up to the Directors - time permitting) Sunday's performance is for the adults and the Saturday Matinee' perfomance are for the children. The experience of a life time will be shared for years.

My mother and I meet with the Straz team late in 2015 and she was a great help putting this dream together. Marc is the Straz Director of Sales met my mother and so did his staff. As we were driving home after the meeting my mother told me she was not feeling very well and within 30 minutes after the meeting with Marc my mother feel very ill and I took her to the hospital where we were told she had pancreatic cancer.

My mother passed away March of last year and my father passed away in August of last year as well after 69 years of being together. My mother told me the show must go on and earlier this year, I reengaged to meet with Marc at the Straz Performance Art Center and he was very gracious and understood why last year was a given. Thank you, Marc and now let the shows begin.

I would like to thank everyone's well wishes, yes, 2016 was a rough year for the family and just last month in May of 2017, I lost my dearest aunt who was trained as a rockette and Broadway dancer. Now my sisters and I are the next generation so thank you and may god bless you. Let the show begin...

Marc E. Klein, Founder