Other venues requested by the family of a fallen hero

Venues which one should I choose? As a love one it is hard to honor my spouse who succumbed to his/her injuries in the name of FREEDOM.

When you choose an event we have you fully covered 100 percent. We are a one stop event network for all your needs. We will authorize payment of upfront fees through our pay it forward line item budget to cover the permits and other upfront fees. (Upto $10,000.00). Then our goal along with your friends, families, and business associates will need to come to manage the event. It is imperative that the team unites behind this event.

We need to make $35,000.00 per event minimum. $10,000.00 goes back into our line item budget - "Pay it forward campaign" to help the next family. The $25,000.00 is earmarked for the family who we are managing the event and any extra donations goes back into our budget.  

Please choose one of the three events to honor your love one. A Golf Tournament, 5 K / 10 K Color Run / Walk event or the Fishing Tournament.

If the $10,000.00 fund are not available then we will take the $10,000.00 out of the donations during the event.

Any questions please fee free to email us at...