Night Out Campaign

The Night out Campaign


The Fallen Heroes Child Venues.

"Let's put a smile on a child's face"


Any business can assist us in making this dream a reality by donating and sponsoring the DREAMWISH - Night Out Campaign Venues.

There are seventeen (17) venues from Daytona Beach to Saint Petersburg, Florida.


We are supporting the Arts and sporting events throughout Central Florida I-4 corridor.


American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that supports the Theater of Arts for the children of a fallen hero or the child whose parent is a front line as an emergency first responder and we extend this Night out Campaign to the children of the US Military Armed Forces and support personnel who are defending our FREEDOM.


The special needs, critically ill, dreamwish child, handicapped and little people of a first responders and/or US Military Armed Forces personnel are eligible to participate in the Night out Campaign.

We have sponsors, partnership agreements and a community base network from families who live near the Interstate 4 corridor. These Theater Arts locations range from lower Saint Petersburg, Florida to Daytona Beach, Florida.

The culture is open to interpretation of a Broadway show through the eyes of a child. An interpretation of the same show is different through the eyes of an adult.

The landscape of this Night out Campaign reaches beyond the scope of our imagination, but one has in understanding the complexity and identifying the educational aspect of a performance and given that performance the opportunity to let the child expand on their innermost dreams of being a star in the eyes of the world. 

With your help and kind donations the dream of giving a child the opportunity to increase their awareness by providing them a chance of a life time to experience the beauty of the Theater of the Arts in ways that no one could or even imagine the impact of your kind donation.

You can ask and do the Jingle Challenge in your home, businesses around your community and friends to assist with your two week challenge. By saving your change for two weeks then sending your donations to the Night out Campaign through our donation page on our website. Together your kind donations will help us provide Luxury Box seats and Saturday Afternoon Broadway Matinee shows. No donation is too big or too small.  

In the next few months we will begin 5 K runs throughout Central Florida and then around the state of Florida to support this campaign so let's partner together to form a bigger and better race where we all win especially the children of our emergency responders.

Last year, I started this campaign to do just that. I reached out to Mark at the Starz Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida and they gave us an incredible deal. They were charging us $15,000.00 per year to showcase over 200 children and adults throughout the year. This included parking, food and Broadway performance.

The reason why we did not do this last year was the last visit I had with the Straz Leadership Team was to sign the contract. My mother who was in a wheelchair and in the meeting told me she loved the idea and to move forward with the master plan.

By the time we walked outside the theater and left the meeting and got my mom in the car I noticed a change in my mom and I immediately transported her to an area hospital where she was admitted. Several days later we were told mom had Pancreatic Cancer and several months later our mother died, then my father became increasingly ill and he passed away on August 17, 2016. I/We put everything on hold until this year.

As for getting the concept and team employees and chaperones together the task is at hand. So please fill out the volunteer and chaperone application on line and help us support the children of our American Heroes. Your donations are welcome, Just hit the donate button and it will take you directly to the donation page. 

Thank you,

Sincerely, Marc E. Klein

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