My Oath of Office

I Marc E. Klein, CEO / Founder / President / Executive Board of Director do solemnly swear to uphold the U. S. Constitution in the name of Freedom and caring for the children and its families of a sworn officer who succumbed to their injuries in the line of duty. 

I am a Veteran just like all other Veterans. I spent 31 years on the front line as a professional firefighter, fire inspector, fire service instructor, Federal Department of Justice Instructor on B.L.E.V.E., co-wrote the first textbook on placement of an A.E.D. in the work place, assited in writing DOT national E.V.O.C. curriculum, expert witness in court for the emergency vehicle drivers, wrote the North America Emergency Response Plan for the Federal Government, Author, Training Officer, five years in the EMS division of our fire department and trained as an EMT/Paramedic. I have been shot and stabbed at, been in multiple hand to hand combat fights, been injured on the job while protecting the citizens,

I have served in the name of Freedom and I am classified in as a Veteran.
I am Marc E. Klein, the Author, Creator and Founder of the;
                                          American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation;          
                                American Eagle Fire Rescue Division and the Children Dreamwish Village.
We are an organization honored by carrying our 501 C (3) and 509 IRS/IRC non-profit status issued by the Department of IRS.
I have served and protected the citizens throughout our communities and country.
I did so with honor, courage and commitment in knowing my life was on the line to protect the oath of office I swore to uphold and defend since October 20,1975.
My job is to manage this organization through a sworn oath and a signed affidavit that I took on May 13, 2013, in honoring that oath by protecting the children and its families of a Fallen and/or Injured American Hero.
I continue to protect and serve the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and other community base first responders throughout this great nation of ours known as; The United States of America. 
I protect the boundaries by defending and honoring the oath of office that I and our employees have taken. I recognize my oath to be self-evident as a true symbol of authority and by understanding my commitment to our fellow Veterans and their families. The oath of office that I and our employees swear too is an oath between the citizens we serve and the public trust we have in forming a perfect union between two parties. Together, we meet a perfect bond of unity and support in the name of FREEDOM.
Our oath and the action of that oath and this office including its employees, chaperones and volunteers standing tall, UNITED in forming a perfect union to help the children and families of our American Veterans either on foreign and/or domestic soil in the name of FREEDOM
Marc E. Klein,