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Newsletter - July 2017, Inaugural Newsletter

Developing, Sponsoring and Introducing our National Administrative Center for the children 

who are experiencing PTSD


"For the  Children and Family members of a Fallen and/or Injured Hero."

 The Child (ren's) and Families can use a helping hand from an ANGEL.

Wounded Veterans from all branches and who have served their communities and country are honored!


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We are devoted to the children and families of a fallen and/or injured Firefighters, EMT's/Paramedics, First Responders, Police Officers and U. S. Armed Forces personnel. Their parents serve our communities and/or our country and they are the American Heroes.

The public as a whole are deeply grateful for the men and women who serve their country and community by saving lives and   protecting property. Our programs will provide the child of a fallen hero a comprehensive support network with a particular focus on those heroes who have a critically ill or special needs child (ren). We are introducing our Crisis Management Youth and Wealth Division.

Our scope and vision deals with PTSD through the eyes of a child. We plan to develop chapters nationwide in an effort to provide a network of specialists dealing with PTSD in adolescents. Our all-inclusive support network is a system within a system that will bond children together to meet and understand their duty and responsibility not only to their family, but honoring their parent who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of FREEDOM

Every child regardless of their family or ethnic background goes through signs and symptoms of PTSD when a parent dies in   combat or protecting and serving the citizens of their community. A child is special and they have no how to deal with the coping mechanisms of losing a parent. Many children are confused, angry and beyond reproach. In some instances behavior pattern has changed with catastrophic results. The children are our leaders of tomorrow and we ask friends, family and parents to recognize the signs and symptom's. The number one cause of death in a child with PTSD is suicide, drug overdose and/or withdrawn from society. How can we stop this horrific event?

Let me walk you through the process. I have been their 42 years in the fire service as a professional firefighter. Does it get any easier; No! Do you live with the hurt? Yes! Do you seek help? Yes, because I have been there. I have lost three Paramedic partners over the years one who died in the line of duty when a building collapsed on top of them. I have responded to children and adults a like who have died in there child's arms and worst of all responded to children who committed suicide by hanging or shooting themselves ? Why I ask? So senseless.

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We created a Hotline for these children to reach out and just talk to an adult who has been on the front line and who has been trained in PTSD. We do not have all the answers and we surely cannot address  issues with a child who does not engage in a  parent to child scenario. 

Yes, there are clinics throughout America who can help the child reach their full potential after a catastrophic event.

We are currently hiring crisis youth management experts to talk with these children through our hotline information network. 

When a child suddenly loses a parent in the line of duty they have an immediate void and another one that grows after time.

Signs and Symptoms of a child acting out at home or school is very important to recognize after losing a parent in the name of FREEDOM. As a parent you have to assert your authority and identify the issues and address them. We are hearing the stories of children who become violent every day across America and these children are scared and its beyond comprehension.

A child's risk is increased after a parent dies protecting the FREEDOM we hold dear to our heart. Even a child who kissed their parent good bye in the morning and while protecting their community or country succumbs to their injuries. How and can a child cope with the lost love one? Without your help. Experts say NO!

Suicide is the number one enemy. The child's life crumbles around them while the family or parent turns their back or even worse when a parent does not engage in a conversation with their children on a daily bases. It is imperative for a parent who is going through the same hurt to show their love and support.

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Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

In a child

1. Behavior issues at home & school

2. Withdrawn from friends and family

3. Depression - Unpleasant thoughts

4. Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

5. Restlessness, Fidgeting, Fighting, Arguing

6. Can we talk about Manic behavior—drugs

7. Losing good friends versus new?

8. Children can become violent or withdrawn

9. Anxiety Attacks, Stressed induced

10. Parent/s not connecting anymore


The number one complaint from parents we have seen is how does the parent reconnect to their daughter or son who has lost a parent in the name of FREEDOM.

Remember, I have been their through the eyes of a child and as an adult.

Where were you when you heard about the World Trade Center incident?

Did you ever stop and wonder how a child who just hours before kissed there mom or dad good-bye for the last time. I lost two friends that horrific day. 343 Firefighter's, four retired firefighters and 71 Police Officer's and other emergency responders died on September 11, 2001. Over 3,000 children lost a parent in an instant when they heard about the collapse.

Today, their are less than 13 children of 9/11 who are under the age of 18. We have a horrible death toll per year where over 350 police officers and firefighters die in the line of duty serving our communities annually. Leaving behind 500 - 600 children per year.

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School versus School

Business versus Business


However, a BUSINESS or school can stand alone.

The school recieves THREE  high-end computers automatacally for taking on the Jingle challenge.

All the teachers and students need to do is ask their parents, friends, relatives, civic organizations and other family members to donate their change for two weeks.

If your teachers or students are motivated and they donate to the school under their name $2,500.00 or more then that student or teacher will also receive a high-end computer for taking on the Jingle Challenge.

The teachers and students can ask groups, associations and organizations throughout their community.

Do not forget to ask your neighborhood business partner and your local Chamber of Commerce for help.

Ask your parents who can also help out at their place of business. The students community is their network.

If your school donations meet and exceed our expectations, then your school automatically receives THREE new high-end computers for there new computer lab.

We have ANGELS among us and through their donations they will touch the lives of our American Heroes and their families in ways that will touch the hearts of citizens around the World.

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As a certified IRS/IRC FOUNDATION we have to give nine (9) percent of our net profit per year to other nonprofit organizations. Our Board of Directors have agreed to share the donation process to five powerful and rewarding organizations. Their research has saved millions of lives and continuously strive to meet the challenges ahead of them.

There are five Scientific Research Nonprofit Organizations Centers we are going to assist. We call this campaign "Pay it Forward!

   1. Muscular Dystrophy Association - MDA - Alzheimer – Elder Care

  1. Parkinson's Disease                                                                                       
  2. Rh 2 Factor – "HER 2" – Positive Breast Cancer Research - An aggressive, fast growing form of Breast Cancer!                                    
  3. Pancreatic Cancer Research

My personal experiences in life, family and shattered dreams.


1. MDA  -  As a professional Firefighter  I worked 30 MDA  camps and collected money for MDA for 31 years on the street corners.

2. Alzheimer -  Personal experience  - My father died on August 17, 2016.

3. Parkinson's Disease  -  Michael J. Fox.   My favorite Actor.

4. Rh 2 Factor Breast Research -  Thank you Moffitt Research Center -  USF - My sister past away from Breast Cancer at age of 44 

5. Pancreatic Cancer Research -  Nasty, and very painful disease!


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Meeting the Dreamwish Team

Our Partnerships

Up coming Golf Tournament Fund-Raiser and reports September 11, 2017 - Carrollwood Country Club

Our Mission and Vision Statements


Question and Answer Section.

Ask any questions and we will address the answer in the monthly newsletter. This is your non-profit.

Mail today: $18.00 a year or donate any amount to help our foundation. Please travel to our website at for more information go to our donate page.

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Thank you, Marc E. Klein,

y Mother past on March 15, 2016 - They have to find a cure!