Jingle Challenge

The Jingle Challenge Campaign! (For your school, Community Arts or even yourself!) If your child or even you take on this challenge great.

The Jingle Challenge Campaign! (For any school, community arts, R.O.T.C or even yourself!) If your child or even if you take on this challenge great. (A GREAT FUNDRAISER) Simple! Ask your friends, family members, and business throughout your community to help the cause. As an entrepreneur we have you covered. Once the students collectively collects $7,500.00 dollars in donations we will issue three high end educational computers free of charge for your school. One is given to a child who goes beyond the call of duty and collects the most change for the school. (Minimum $3,500.00) Because you did the Jingle Challenge we will give away two additional computers to a child of a Fallen American Hero and/or to a child of the first responders and US Armed Forces and support peronnel. We honor the children of these American Heroes who have special needs, critically ill, little people with disabilties and. 

When you help us you help a child of a fallen hero or a child who has a disability, special needs and/or handicapped they will benefit directly because of your efforts. Anyone can purchase the campaign price for the computers outright. The person making the contribution will receive a letter of donation. The total cost of making the six computers that are high-end gives us the purchase power of purchasing a 21" screen monitor, mouse, keyboard, our logo key pad shipping cost and insurance. Each child/adult who supports the jingle challange on their own and who collects $3,500.00 will recieve a computer because they reached the goal and will also win a gaming unit. (X-Box – II, PlayStation IV, Wi Wi U) All computers have a one year support upgrade clause.

You can help the overall campaign by donating $.60 per day or $18.95 per month. Please select our donation button and give today. Remember you will receive a letter of donation. Thank you.

Your Dreamwish Seven Team