Introducing our auction page

Introducing our auction page!

Yes, this interactive real time auction will be live 24 hours a day. You have the ability to bid any time. You can bid on an item at the beginning when we launch the auction item or wait till the end when you see the minutes and second clicking down. You will have the ability to purchase the product and place it in your shopping cart any time.

Example of purchase power!


Dress shirt, A.E.C.D.F.

S - XL $18.00

XXL - 5 XL $24.00


Trevis Cup with our 9/11 Memorial Wall

16 ounces with our logo inside the drinking glass $16.00

24 ounces with our logo inside the drinking glass $24.00 


9/11 Memorial Patch

4" x 4" stand alone U.S. Memorial Wall Patch $15.00 each

Sew or iron on patches available


9/11 Picture of the Portable Memorial Wall

Picture of the 9/11 Portable Memorial Wall 8" x 10" non frame - $7.00

Picture of the 9/11 Portable Memorial Wall 8" x 10" framed - $15.00


US Military - Pearl Harbor Textbook! Behind the scenes account of how many boats, ship and why the Japanese Empire Navy really missed the target.


I read 640 action reports from both sides, interpreted the pictures and introducing a new picture from the Forbes collection that was buried for over 75 years.

We named the commanders and the men and women who died defending our fleet in Pearl Harbor on December 07, 1941.

Page 178 for $44.95 

This textbook is a powerful interpretation and research presentation of behind the scenes and why the incident even happened in the first place. Interprete the textbook after completing the research then you will interpret the conclusion.

Total auction items 10 per month.

Total auction items 10 per month.

Thank you,

Marc E. Klein,