Fishing Tournaments

Fishing Tournaments Information coming up soon!

As for the Fishing Tournament we have the ability to honor the American Fallen Hero who succumbed to their injuries in the name of FREEDOM.  A spouse or child has the abilty to select the Fishing Tournament to honor the spouse of an American Fallen Hero. Our trilogy is now set with any American Fallen Heroes child, spouse and/or family member. After a year of his or her passing we will establish a fund raiser in the name of their hero.

All of the necessary donation information will go through our network. We have developed a one stop shop where we can now manage the event from the beginning to end. We have the capabilities to do social media, advertisement, have our team event coordinator and event director assigned to your event.

Our goal is to manage your event through your friends and family network. Our goal is to make your family upto $25,000 per event.

Let us break down the $25,000.00 coming out of your event. You choose an event an initial down payment cost is incurred. The additional fees associated with your event is location, city/county facility permits, hiring police officers to redirect or shut down intersections, police patrol, road department permits, assembly permits, EMS providers and other event charges all need to be paid up front.  

Food, and support equipment are needed. Our goal is to manage another $10,000.00 to pay for these permits upfront from each race. In today's market the honoree picks and choose one of the three events honoring there hero.

The events we are managing are the Fishing Tournament, 5 K / 10 K Color Run / Walk event or a Golf Tournament. 

Once our Board Directors authorize the event then any extra donations above the $25,000.00 goes into our line item budget. This is our pay it forward budget line so the next fund raiser has the funds to honor his/her hero. During the event our goal is to receive additional donations to off set the $10,000.00.

The $25,000.00 should cover your rent/lease or mortgage of upto $1,500.00 a month, plus $400.00 per month for food and a car payment of $220.00 per month hence $25,000.00. Our goal is to help you manage your wealth plan after your love one passes away. We are here to protect you and your family from going from pay check to pay check and then riches. Our oath is to cover and blanket you and your family through our wealth management programs.   

Please email; for more information.