Download and Procedures

Download and Procedures;

Anyone can download one of our calendars for a nominal fee. The party who has paid for downloading the item will first choose the item of choice, then proceed with payment and follow the downloading procedures. Once all items are clarified and approved a link of which calendar or textbook you purchase will be sent to you via e-mail. Once you receive the e-mail follow the procedures, then download and proceed to copy said item through your printed network.

Multiple downloads and printing is in direct violation of the copyright laws. This gives you the right to copy one item at any printer and/or printing company will not be held harmless. Your will receive a letter of approval to show the printing comply that you have the right to copy one copy. If we find that multiple items are copied illegally you are in direct violation of the Copywriten laws and we will pursue and send this copyright violation to our attorney for legal consequences. 

Thank you, Marc

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