Programs / Donations

Medical Assistance Research Scientist

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
Research and Development

Rh 2 Factor – "HER 2" 
– Positive Breast Cancer Centers
Research and Development


My Father – In the last stage 
of Alzheimer Research and Development - Died August 17, 2016

My Mother – In the last stage of 
Pancreatic Cancer – Died March 15, 2016
Research and Development

An admire actor and a noble leader 
in the fight of Parkinson's Disease


Building the Children's 
Dreamwish Village in 
the Great Smoky Mountains

Supporting a foundation that 
defends the special needs children!

Meet an Army of Cuddle Bears 
who have a heart. We issue a child who lost a parent in the 
line of duty while defending and/or 
supporting our country in the name of FREEDOM.