Color 5k Run / Walk

Memorial runs honoring your American Hero!

Memorial COLOR 5K / 10K Run / Walk honoring your American Hero!

We will establish an annual run in your community to honor your American Hero once a year and we are confident that the base figures will increase by 10 percent each year thereafter.

Our goal with every race is to raise enough money to offset their annual mortgage payment. Based on $1,500.00 per month = $18,000.00 per year. 

If the race exceeds our expectation then our second goal is to offset their food base of $400.00 per month = $4,800.00 per year.

If you need medical equipment for the child in the home then this is where we can help you set up a Color 5K / 10K Run / Walk in honoring the American Hero, family and child. It takes a village to come together in helping the love one in need.

Thank you for your trust and the commitment you and we have in honoring a Fallen American Hero the to the American Heroes who are serving our communities and/or country.

Donate $.60 per day or $18.95 per month to help us offset the cost of each race. The initial cost to set up a race is as high as $8,000.00 per race. (Per the area in the country) Cost of parade permits, road closure permit, hiring police officer's to protect the runners, rent portalets, tents, administration cost, travel, food, support give away gift bags and clean-up crew.

Thank you in advance for your kind words, support and encouragement you bestowed upon us over the years. 

Color 5K - A charity run for a brighter tomorrow.