Color 5 K / 10 K Run / Walk

The Memorial 5 K / 10 K run/walk honoring your American Hero!

We will establish an annual run/walk in your community to honor your American Hero. Once a year we are confident that the base figures will increase by 10 percent each year thereafter. Our goal with every race is to raise enough money to offset their annual mortgage payment and put $400.00 per month on the table for food.  

The Basis for Our Races

Is to help with their mortgage payment ($18,000.00 per year). If the race exceeds our expectation then our second goal is to offset their food base of $400.00 per month ($5,000.00 per year). Our goal per 5/10 K run/walk race is to receive donations for the family so we can provide a check of $23,000.00 per race.

Medical Equipment

If you need medical equipment for your home, then we can help you set up a Color 5 K / 10 K run/walk to honor your American Hero. It takes a village to help a loved one in need. Thank you for the trust and the commitment you have in honoring a Fallen American Hero and their family.

Donate Today

Donate $18.00 per month (just $.60 per day) to help us offset the cost of each race. The initial cost to set up each race can be as high as $10,000.00 for county, city permits, One (1) million dollar insurance policy to cover the race, hiring Police Officers for crowd control, DOT road closures, hiring EMS/Rescue, advertisement, rental of porta potties, tents, administrative cost, travel, food, lodging expenses gift bags, shirts and hiring a cleanup crew.   

Contribute today and be a part of making a difference.

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