Children Dreamwish Village  (PowerPoint Presentation)

Enjoy the dream as you peruse through our PowerPoint presentation of the Children Dreamwish Foundation in the Great Smoky Mountains. Donate today to reserve your log cabin. City of Townsend, Tennessee eight miles from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee...

Mom this is for you our dreams do come true. Come and enjoy "K.A.R.E Landings in the Great Smoky Mountains"

Welcome to the Children Dreamwish Foundation.

By going through our website you have the opportunity to freeze today's log cabin prices. By pre-ordering your log cabin, securing your one to three acre lot and paying the administration cost will secure your new log cabin home.

We are opening a new site where you can pre-order your log cabin dream home. The site is on the bottom ridge of the Smoky Mountains over looking the Children's Dreamwish Village just outside the beautiful area of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The 587 acres snuggles in the foot hills of the Great Smoky Mountains sitting eight miles West of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We only have 140 home sites. Today, is your day to secure a place in history. Yes, You will need to deposit a minimum of $35,000.00 to secure your log cabin home and become part of the first National Hero Village in America. We are supporting the American Heroes who defended our communities and/or country in the name of FREEDOM.

Please allow us to introduce you to the Children Dreamwish Village honoring the children and the American Heroes and their families. As a courtesy when you donate any amount to help us achieve our goal you will receive a letter of donation.

The space is limited so first come, first serve. The homes range from 1,400 square foot to any size home you want to build. Our team of experts are waiting to hear the joy.

Our link to the Powerpoint Presentation at the begining of this page in red. Please help a child and family in need. It takes a village to raise a child. Please allow us to introduce to you the first Log Cabin Village Community honoring the American Heroes and the children of a fallen hero and their families. The Children Dreamwish Village is inside and protected by 200 planned American Log Cabin Homes dedicated to Fire, Police, First Responders and US Military and support personnel.

Yes, we are looking for anyone who would like to give to this project in honor of the American Heroes and the sacrifice they have endured fighting for our FREEDOM. 

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