AE Fire Rescue Division

American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation

The children are the legacy of our heroes and leaders of tomorrow.

501 (C) 3
Public Charity 509 (a) (2)

IRC 170 (c) (3) of the U.S. Tax Code 

A National Certified Non-Profit Organization: 31954

The State of Florida Non-Profit Organization: CH-44431 


American Eagle Fire Rescue Division


Date: September 03, 2015

The Florida State Fire College
11655 Northwest Gainesville Road
Ocala, Florida 33482-1486

State of Florida Certified Non-Profit Organization
As a Public Charity (CH-44431)
Non-Profit Incorporation Number: (state of Florida) N-13000001490
Employer Federal Identification Number: 46-1972290

Dear Sir;

I would like to thank you for speaking to me the other day and this letter is a response to that conversation. On behalf of the American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation, we serve the Firefighter's, Police Officer's, EMT's /Paramedic's, First Responder's and the United States Military personnel here in the state of Florida and abroad. We include their families, children, parents including the elderly and/or children who have disabilities. 

The American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation and its Board of Directors have voted on expanding the needs to meet our fifth discipline. Under our by-laws of being a certified nonprofit organization in the state of Florida and strictly utilizing a separate line item budget to maintain operational needs versus assisting with the welfare of our emergency responders and families before, during and after a disaster. The front line emergency responder's duties are sworn to an oath to respond to the sick and injured during a disaster and forfeit their duties at home until the disaster is secured. (The number one complaint of Congress UNMET needs)  

Our future responsibilities are to protect our front line firefighters and other sworn officers. Once the governor declares a state of Emergency we will respond as a secondary task force to the cities and counties affected by the disaster through a Mutual Aid Agreement. Once we arrive in the community we will go to command to obtain the list of addresses of their front line officers. Our team will respond to the firefighters, police officers and other emergency responder's homes to check on their love ones and remove the family members out of harm's way if the situation required. Then our job is to notify the front line first responders and US Military personnel who are deployed 10,000 miles away and that their family and homes are secured. This will take the burden off the firefighters or other emergency responders so they can concentrate on doing their job.

I retired as a professional firefighter and spent 31 years in the fire service. I was part of Task Force Four when Hurricane Charlie blew through and we were told that no units will respond to our home directly after the disaster and that if you want to leave to be with your family we will terminate you on the spot. Two days past and I was not sure if my family was alive or dead until I was relieved of duty and arrived home. My family was safe; however, one mile away close friends of ours were trapped in their homes for a half a day after their two story home imploded from a tornado. They survived!

I have talked to a lot of volunteers and professional firefighters over the years and they all have heard the same speech and several of them even told me stories that sworn firefighters walked off the job before and during a disaster. Where do we go from here? This issue has been on the forefront of every sworn officer's mind since 1736

Once our task force arrives on the scene of the front line officers home and we determine the family members are safe if they are we will tarp and remove trees from their home; while providing A/C generator service so they can stay in their home if their home is certified after a disaster. 

We will get the word back to the front line emergency responders that their family is safe and secured. We are doing this for all the emergency responders and US Military personnel who are 10,000 miles away protecting our FREEDOM. We can also manage and direct other self-responding agencies to eliminate price gauging.

We will oversee the clean-up of a home by utilizing our team of experts. To belong to this network is only $18.00 per month per household. Our job is to protect and serve the emergency responders and families of the state of Florida. We currently have the corporate account established at the Hilton Hotel brands and we will have the ability to fly and move families to a safe haven location.   

Our Mission Statement

We are devoted to helping the front line emergency responders their spouse and children of a fallen or injured hero.

This program is dynamic in nature, powerful in its presentation and trustworthy. Yes, we are classified through the state of Florida Corporation and Regulatory Commission and through the state of Florida Department of Agriculture. We are seeking approval from the Florida State Fire College as a private – nonprofit Fire-Rescue ALS provider.

We are meeting and exceeding Congress Unmet needs by sending a strong message to all the first responders. Yes, all the firefighters who we hire will be certified in the state of Florida. They will be full or part time employees or they will be issued a 1099 for working the disaster. We will also utilize the volunteers to network behind the scenes.

We are not here as front line task force unless the State of Florida Fire Chief Association during a declared disaster ask for us to respond. Our core department will hire 200 certified firefighters who will work on a 12 hour bases per day until we are asked to respond. Yes, a major undertaking and the first one in the nation. We will be based in Tampa, Florida. We will use Hillsborough Community College training center for Fire and EMS training pods until ours are approved and completed.

We are plaining to purchase initially 25 – 2,000 gpm pumpers, five (5) 5,000 gallon water tenders, one (1) heavy duty Hazardous Material unit, two (2) 110' ariel apparatuses and two 5,000 gasoline fuel tankers to respond into the area. We will hire and certify and train the firefighter's by utilizing heavy moving equipment, class three wreakers and two high end 125' cranes to include major change saws to clear a road within minutes versus hours. 

We have designed a high power moveable platform fire suppression unit to extinguish or redirect wildfires.  Our certified firefighters will be EMT's minimum and most of them will be Paramedic's. All EMT's have three years to obtain their Paramedic Certification. All of our units are going to be certified as ALS providers. We are also plaining to purchase 15 ALS type three (3) equipped fire/rescue units. Each unit will carry 250 gallons of water.

As a secondary task force we can step in if the first line of defense is hampered or tired in any way. We are a supporting task force for every county in the state of Florida. Yes, we will grow over time and our true responsibility is to the front line officer's. However, once our initial task force is established and they complete their task then all the units inside the command structure can be utilized as part of a 30 unit task force.

This will reduce other supporting units from around the state to stay in their area. We will be trained in the same capacity as any city, county and/or state agency. Our new 9-11 command center will have the latest radio system to include our own 53' mobile command center. 

Yes, we are charging a nominal fee of only $18.00 per month tax-detectable to belong to our network and we will ask the legislators in the state of Florida to help us receive funding from Congress and Homeland Security. During a disaster we will charge our services back to FEMA. We are currently looking at a very large facility that can be a major hub to the state of Florida to house supplies, Tribute Oil and other support equipment we need during a disaster.

Once the notification is received by a city or county fire department our employees are required to arrive at our location ready to respond within three hours. The goals and objectives are in the forefront of this task force to serve and protect our frontline firefighters. Our units will arrive within twelve hours after we receive a call from the local EOC or city/county fire department.

I am willing to meet any fire chief, their respected organization and/or association and the state of Florida Fire Administrators. We are asking for permission to become a state certified fire rescue division in the state of Florida. 

Thank you for allowing us to help the front line firefighters and other emergency responders and children of a fallen hero, the families and our veterans. We are pleased to announce a subsidiary DBA organization with strict guidelines and a well-defined line item budget. 

Please allow me to Introduce; "American Eagle Fire Rescue Division


Marc E. Klein
Founders email address -