$18 a month program

Honoring our American Heroes!


Jingle Challange Endowment Program for the Children of Our American Heroes Get-a-way Vacation PTSD Program Night Out Campaign Freedom Garden Brick Campaign Children Dreamwish Village American Eagle 5K Run on Behalf of the Families of a Fallen Hero

Welcome to the American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporated, we are a certified nonprofit organization under the 501 (C) 3 and Section 170 under the IRS/IRC guidelines. Our core values are throughout our website. We honor the oath and life of a American Fallen Hero and support the child (ren) and immediate family members with assistance and programs.


On May 13, 2013, when we officially opened our doors our dedicated DREAMWISH SEVEN TEAM MEMBERS have been researching and developing programs and events to help the child (ren) and spouse of a fallen hero. Our dedicated team likes to strategize and obtain your feedback. Our research and development  committees support and defend the oath of office your loved one took while serving and protecting their community and/or country in the name of FREEDOM.


All donations are earmarked into a line item budget for the donation you choose. We have nine programs to choose from and for only $18.00 a month or $.60 a day you receive discounts of 10 percent off our store front merchandise, discounts on renting automobiles utlizing our corporate discount at National Rental Car Worldwide and giving you the opportunity to become a chaperone or volunteer to help the child (ren)  and spouse of our fallen hero. 


Every donated dollar we receive is earmarked for the program you are co-sponsoring. From the beginning (92%) percent or .92 cents of every dollar is controlled and donated to the program. The other .08 cents or (8%) percent is sent to the line item budget toward operation needs.


The impact of these programs meet and exceed Congress unmet needs. We are honoring the legacy of the mother or father who took the oath to serve and protect their community or country in the name of FREEDOM.


The legacy of a parent is their children and we are here to honor the fallen heroes legacy. Our commitment is to the family and children of our American Heroes.


Please donate today to anyone of our nine (9) programs. Your donation just might save a life tomorrow. Thank you for your continuance support and confidence by helping the programs meet the goals set by our Dreamwish Seven Team.


Thank you for your support,




Marc E. Klein, Founder, President, Executive Board Chairman

Dreamwish Seven Team - founder@aecdf.org