Memorial Golf Tournament

9/11 Honoring the Fallen Heroes

Memorial Golf TournamentContact us today and let us put on an annual fundraising event in your community to honor your American Fallen Hero. We have the capability to manage and support your golf tournament in your community.

Register 5/10k/Run/Walk

Honoring the Fallen Heroes

Register 5/10k/runwalkContact us today and let us put on an annual fundraising event in your community to honor your American Fallen Hero. We have the capability to manage and support your Color 5 K / 10 K Run / Walk Marathon on behalf of your fallen hero. Click on the picture and register the venue.

9/11 Portable Memorial Wall

Showcase the Memorial Wall in your Community

Memorial Golf TournamentIntroducing the first portable 9/11 Memorial Wall that can visit your community upon request. Click on the picture it will take you to a request page.

Freedom Garden

Honoring the fallen with kind words

Freedom GardenWelcome to our Freedom Garden Section where you can leave a message of kind words on behalf of an American Fallen Hero. We are here for you just reach out and let our team work for you. Please email your comments or concerns to




Donate Today! This daddy just came home from being deployed and his son jumped in his arms. Thank you, sir, for serving our country.


Crisis Youth and Management Wealth Dept


Educating and working alongside the first responders after an injury occurs or dealing with a spouse of a Fallen American Hero, Introducing our Crisis Youth Division, Crisis Management Wealth Division - a unit dedicated to helping the spouse after a fallen hero succumbed to their injuries while in the line of duty, PTSD, financial strength by working closely with our mutual financial and more...

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Please allow me to introduce you to the  American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation, Incorporation. We are a certified nonprofit organization that has designed, developed and created programs to meet the needs of the children, spouses and families of the Fallen American Heroes. Their love one took an oath to protect and serve their community and/or country in the name of FREEDOM. We took an oath of office to protect and defend the child (ren) and/or spouse of a Fallen American Hero in the name of FREEDOM

The leadership role we have taken on is extremely important to me and our Dreamwish Seven staff on levels that no one could ever have imagine. We are driven by experience of over 225 years, we lead by example. We protect the special needs, handicap child and a child (ren) and/or spouse of a fallen or injured American Hero.

Our programs have touched the families of the first responders and U. S. Military family members since 1989. Our support starts here through our Financial Wealth Management Division, Programs to meet the needs of Congress, Crisis Youth Management PTSD Department for the children, and spouse of a fallen American Hero. We work closely with the Workers' Compensation claim issues, through Where Do I Turn, Benefits I am Entitled To... Regardless of who you are our team will respond to identify your needs.

We are experts in establishing and forming a nonprofit 5 K / 10 K with or without color - run/walk event, golf and/or fishing tournament, gala honoring the fallen American Hero in your city to help relieve the financial burden of the family. We do so by honoring the Fallen American Hero. 

That example alone is why we are considered the best in the business. We do not have all the answers. All we have is the desire to meet the challenges that you bring to the table through a fresh set of eyes to meet the family's needs. Our job is to see where you need additional assistance and to bring you into financial FREEDOM through our foundation network. 

We are expanding nationwide and in the months to come globally.   

Our group of administrators, employees, volunteers, chaperones and ambassadors understand the needs that exist and assist in providing programs across the board to fulfill our commitment, in serving our Fallen American Heroes, their children and families.

We respect the oath we took to honor our American values. We respond to meet your needs regardless of race, creed, color, or religious beliefs. Our financial and crisis management wealth division will analysis and protect the families of the First responders and United States personal. It is important to us as a whole and to meet the needs of our American Heroes and family's needs during their crisis.

Today, there are three options for the spouse or family member who can honor their fallen hero by choosing one of the three venues. Color 5 K / 10 K Run/Walk event, a Golf and/or Fishing Tournament honoring your Fallen American Hero in your community.

Thank you for allowing us to share our diversity programs and network offers. This is why the American Eagle Children Dreamwish Foundation was formed.


Marc Klein




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